From the Editor 

It’s a Reading of the Week tradition to begin the new year by reviewing the best of the past one. And so, today, we look back at the selections from the previous 12 months.


2020 was tough, dominated by the pandemic.

The selections aren’t all about COVID-19, however. Papers shed light on the pandemic, yes, but much research helped further our understanding of mental health, relevant in the world that pre-dated the pandemic, and the world after the pandemic.

Looking over the past year of Readings, I would like to make two observations.

First, about the literature: the overall quality of scholarship remains high. As has been the case year after year, I liked the papers highlighted in this series – but also realize that many more papers could have been picked. Psychiatry continues to grow more sophisticated with each passing year.

Second, about the pandemic: COVID is understood to be a threat to physical health, but also to mental health. As a person with a few grey hairs, I remember SARS well. Mental health wasn’t discussed during that viral outbreak. The public dialogue has changed much in these past 17 years. While I wish more attention were paid to mental health and COVID, there have been national and provincial announcements on the topic, and much media attention too. #Progress


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