Reading of the Week: The Big NYT Article on Antidepressants & Withdrawal – Our Vioxx Moment?

From the Editor

“Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit.”

The New York Times. Front page. Sunday edition.

One of the most read newspapers in the world just ran a story suggesting that antidepressants may be linked to significant withdrawal symptoms. That news article is, well, news. Journalists Benedict Carey and Robert Gebeloff interview a mother of four who says, “Had I been told the risks of trying to come off this drug, I never would have started it.”

istock_000017711523xlargeAntidepressants: small pills but big problem?

This week’s Reading looks at the big article and considers its big implications.


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Paper with an N of 14 Lands NYT Story

There is more to this story than a paper with a tiny sample of people — yes, just 14 — landing in The New York Times.

Benedict Carey is an excellent reporter and he looks at the Hearing Voices Network, which attempts to help people with psychosis without labels like patients. And without medications.

Benedict Carey

Here’s the link for “An Alternative Form of Mental Health Care Gains a Foothold”:


And, yes, the article closes by mentioning a Psychiatric Services paper with an n of 14.

Quick question: if we were talking about a group promoting, say, breast cancer treatment without chemo or radiation, would they have gotten so much attention?