Reading of the Week: Mental Illness and Bay St., and More

From the Editor

Recently, I spoke with a woman I hadn’t met before – a friend of a friend, gathered over coffee by a kitchen table. When she found out that I was a psychiatrist, she talked about her daughter’s struggle with mental illness and I thought how rarely people spoke to me about such things just a decade ago.

As people grow more comfortable talking about their experiences and their family’s experiences with mental illness and as stigma slowly fades, these conversations on Main Street, so to speak – at our kitchen tables and at our kids’ baseball games – are growing more and more common. But people in the corporate world are also growing more aware of the need for us to address mental health problems. No wonder. Consider that the single biggest reason for people to be on disability in Canada is mental illness. And so, there are conversations on Bay Street, too.

In this week’s Reading, we consider a new essay from the Harvard Business Review. In it, CEO Kelsey Meyer talks about her company’s development of a mental health policy.

Also in the Reading: journalist Scott Stossel reviews Dr. Peter Kramer new book on antidepressants – and his own experience with medications.

Please note that the Readings will be “going fishing” for the next two weeks, returning on 11 August.

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Reading of the Week: Mental Health — Is There an App For That? & More

From the Editor

Sigmund Freud, Aaron Beck, Steve Jobs?

Do apps have the potential to reshape mental health?

It’s a hot topic and Nature – the prestigious British journal – explores the potential and pitfalls of mental health apps.

In this week’s Reading, we consider “Pocket Psychiatry.”

Also: journalist John Stossel discusses his lung cancer – and health-care delivery.

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