A pathetic paradox, then: Psychiatry has never been better able to help people yet many don’t get the help they need.

— Dr. Gratzer, writing in The Globe

Dr. Gratzer has published essays on many topics, including health care policy and elections. Here are a few essays.

  • As cities like Toronto deal with mental illness and violence, Dr. Gratzer suggests that we have a crisis of neglect. In this long Globe essay, he outlines a way forward.
  • With a new federal government promising help for the mentally ill, Dr. Gratzer suggests thinking big — or, rather, small. This Globe article is co-written with Dr. David Goldbloom.
  • As Canada gears up to take in and house 25,000 Syrian refugees, Dr. Gratzer advocates for the next great national project in National Post: housing the homeless.
  • With mental illness more and more considered by society, why do so many people fall through the cracks? In The Globe and Mail, he considers the failure of public policy and mental illness.